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Since moving to Las Vegas, Haydee has always enjoyed being a part of the hospitality industry where she gets to interact with the customer. Her passion for food and excellent customer service continues to this day.

Her journey in the hospitality industry began in Burlington, Vermont and continued later on in Austin, Texas.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas in 2001, she worked at upscale restaurants such as: Prana, Aquaknox at the Venetian, and Mix by Alain Ducasse at the Mandalay Bay. Afterwards she managed a gourmet coffee shop.

After many years of working in the hospitality industry and gaining knowledge and experience she decided to fulfill a dream to open a catering business.  Haydee provides excellent customer service for the front and back of the house, and provides guests and clients a great experience where they can enjoy quality fine dining in every setting.

Originally from Alaska, now Haydee has planted her roots in Las Vegas. When she’s not finding ways to improve her customers’ experience, she enjoys spending time with her family.



German’s passion for food started when he was in middle school and told his Dad, “ Dad, Dad, today is take your kid to work day! You have to take me to work!” He would put on his little apron and chef hat and enter the world of back of the house kitchens.

This is when he first felt the excitement of witnessing the pleasure in customers' faces when they tried the pizza he helped make..

German grew up and gained much sales experience outside of the culinary world, where he finally decided to tap into the culinary talent he knew and be a founding member of the Vanilla and Pepper team.

He has been lucky to work with such exceptional people who have traveled the globe because of their culinary talents in places such as Barcelona and Venice, Los Angeles, and beautiful Las Vegas.

Our chefs are no strangers to events such as the Five-Star Sensation in Cleveland, or the Epicurean Affair in Las Vegas. They have cooked for the Grammys and Oscars. They have trained under Gold Medal Pastry Chefs and James Beard Award Winners. Our chefs can do it all and work under any circumstance. Our chefs want to bring their cosmopolitan tastes to you.

As a customer, we imagine that you have two questions in mind: Is the food amazing? Can they execute under pressure for our event?

We know we can. Try us. Find out for yourself.




What We do

With a combined 25 years of experience, Vanilla and Pepper is proud to offer catering to guests in Las Vegas. Our signature company specializes in fine-dining quality Italian Cuisine and world-class Pastries & Desserts, and will happily customize our service to make your event uniquely unforgettable. We are known for bringing the taste of the world to the comforts of both private and public locations, ranging from sit-down dinners to boxed lunches, as well as weddings, birthdays, and graduations. Come break bread with us, we love to leave your friends filled with wonder with our great food and even greater time.


We aim to make each event uniquely suited to you. Because of the dynamic nature of each individual event, we ask that you fill out the form below for a quote. Some of the factors that we take into account are:

  • The Menu
  • Location
  • Quantity of Guests
  • Time of Event
  • Day of Event
  • Staffing & Equipment Needs
  • Transportation Costs



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